Payroll Services

Payroll is one of the most important functions in a company, and should be treated very carefully. It is an area with the highest chance of potential errors, and can cause companies unnecessary fines, paperwork and lost time. Many companies are either unaware or improperly educated in the payroll function and what procedures should be followed when hiring employees and processing payroll.

Our firm aims at educating our clients in proper payroll procedures, and ensuring that our clients are aware of all potential pitfalls. We offer a variety of payroll services, to fit the needs of any type of business. Whether you are just starting out, or have complex payroll needs, we can help you structure the most appropriate payroll solution for your business.

Payroll Training and Set-Up

    We will educate and train your staff on proper payroll procedures, timely processing of hours and benefits, and in all other payroll-related areas. We ensure that you are fully comfortable with the payroll function to properly run your business.

Assisted Payroll

  • We work with your internal payroll staff and assist with the quarterly and annual payroll reporting for Federal, State and City.

In-House Payroll

  • We conduct all payroll functions for your business including gathering hours, issuing payroll checks, and filing of all required reports and tax payments.

Payroll Outsourcing

  • We have wholesale relationships with many of the large national payroll companies. These relationships allow us to offer our clients payroll services from these companies at significantly lower costs than if the client was to go direct.

Payroll Staff-Out

  • For clients who do not have the funds for a full-time payroll administrator, but would like to have their payroll handled internally, we offer our staff-out solutions. You will be assigned a dedicated payroll administrator who will come to your office and process payroll and all payroll-related functions as frequently as needed.